$500 Dollars & 5 Million $MOLA GiveAways.

Moon Lana
1 min readJun 3, 2021


MoonLana Is Hosting 2 GiveAways For MoonLana’s NFT Holders. While We Need The Money For The Raydium Pool, We Wanted To Reward 21 Lucky Supporters. We Love Contributors And They Deserve The Perks.

There Will Be 21 Winners:

20 x 250k $Mola & 1 x $500 Dollars.

How Can I Enter The GiveAway For The $500 Dollars?


☆Join MoonLana’s Discord And Send Us Your Wallet.

How Can I Enter The Giveaway Of The 250k $MOLA?

☆Buy At Least 1 $MOLAMON NFT Here

☆Join Discord, Send Us Your Wallet For Proof And You Are On.

  • Participants Will Be Given A Special Role ASAP To Enter The GiveAway. The 250k $MOLA GiveAway Will Start First. The $500 GiveAway Will Start After The Snapshot On June 10, 2021.
  • No Limit On How Many NFTs You Can Buy. Well Only 1300 Are Left, After That We Will Create A $MOLA Raydium Pool And List On CMC + CG.

In The MeanTime You Can Add $MOLA On Your Watchlist Here