Moon Lana

The Pool Will Improve Liquidity So That Small Buys/Sells Could Not Be Able To Move The Market. Big Buys/Sells Will Be Able To Move It, But Not By a Big Margin.

Its Been Only 1 Month Since We Launched And Now We Have Raydium Permissionless Pool With Quite a Bit Of Liquidity. A Huge Thanks To The Community For All Of The Support So Far.

You Can Add Liquidity To Our Pool

Here You Can Access And Add Liquidity To The $MOLA Pool
Our AMM is: 8wQYmqVT7u7WvepU5giNNwbqyuYLeanfhmGmhtRjKFkL
Provide Liquidity To Our Pool To Receive Swap Trading Fees. To Provide Liquidity To Our Pool, You Need To Add 50% $MOLA And 50% USDC.



Year -5,000,000,000. Planet: MoonLana. An ancient civilization called the Mola lived peacefully, coexisting with its environment.

Year 2890. Planet: MoonLana. The Mola civilization disappeared, leaving behind a power crystal containing all their wisdom, which was accumulated across eons.

Year 3100. Planet: MoonLana. A meteorite crashes with MoonLana, turning the power crystal into 5,000,000,000 shards, each one of them containing an immense amount of energy.

Year 2020. Planet: Earth. Transcending the spacetime barriers, the shards arrive to an alien planet: Earth.

Year 2021. Planet: Earth. The shards are tokenized into the Solana blockchain…

Now its your turn, do you want to take part in this intergalactic story? Suscribe to our airdrop now.

The choice is yours…

Twitter: @xMoonLana