Introducing Lanatools

Today, we are releasing Lanatools beta v1.0. Our second integration tool for the Solana Ecosystem. After we relased the First Onchain Solana Tipbot, we wanted to provide more for the users.

Our devs [Pulowi & Jbrice] are very proud of their 2nd baby. Lanatools was built from scratch with new original code.

Whats is Lanatools?

Lanatools is a tracking, charting and price checking tool.

Will there be more Lanatools versions?

Yes, our v1.0 release is the first version and foundation of the platform.

What features will it be implemented in the future?

Staking, NFT marketplace, Swap, Search via contract, Distribution tool, and NFT mint are among our strongest features we would like to implement.

At this beta stage, our platform might feel a bit empty but it is intentional. We wanted to release the pillars then form the Fortress. Each new upcoming feature will be tested and audited before implementing it on Lanatools

With Lanatools released, now we can fully apply for the Solana Hackaton. Wish us Luck