Lanabots Coming To Town

Introducing Lanabots, 3,333 Solana Tipbot Collection Of Programmatically, Randomly Generated NFTs. 3 Sol Mint, Very Limited. Once They Are Gone They Are Gone. Coming Oct, 9 2021. At 4:20Pm PST.

3 Sol Mint

From the shadows of Solana, Lanabots are here to conquer. This little tipping creatures are hungry for slp tokens. Lanamon has evolved into something beyond our comprehension. Evolution comes after fusion.

3,333 Different Combinations. All are special, some more than others.


Every Lanabots Holder Will Get VIP Status On Our Discord Server. They Will Also Get a First Glance At Lanamon Premium(top secret). This Are The Main Benefits That Lanabots Holders Will Receive:

  • Lanamon Premium Membership
  • VIP Status On Discord
  • Frequent MOLA Airdrops From BuyBacks
  • EVOLVE (more info soon)

Are you ready for Moonlana’s biggest project since Lanatools? We want to create an all around ecosystem. 5% Royalties sales revenue will go towards buying back $MOLA and Reward Lanabots HOLDERS. Application to Solanart has been summited.

We do not guarantee a mint, only 3,333 will be available at 3 Sol.