MoonLana $MOLA: the beginning

Moon Lana
May 6, 2021


Year -5,000,000,000. Planet: MoonLana. An ancient civilization called the Mola lived peacefully, coexisting with its environment.

Year 2890. Planet: MoonLana. The Mola civilization disappeared, leaving behind a power crystal containing all their wisdom, which was accumulated across eons.

Year 3100. Planet: MoonLana. A meteorite crashes with MoonLana, turning the power crystal into 5,000,000,000 shards, each one of them containing an immense amount of energy.

Year 2020. Planet: Earth. Transcending the spacetime barriers, the shards arrive to an alien planet: Earth.

Year 2021. Planet: Earth. The shards are tokenized into the Solana blockchain…

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The choice is yours…

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