MoonLana Q2 2021 Recap

Is Been Almost 2 Months Since We Launched And We Have Been Going Strong. Our Community Is Very Supportive, We Have Created a Market With Decent Liquidity, Our Devs Keep Delivering, We Are 200% On Schedule And Ahead On Our Roadmap. We Want To Thank Each And Everyone Of You For Believing In MoonLana.


Let’s Start Off From The Beginning, On Early May 2021, We Created Our
-Token 5 Billion Max Supply


A Few Days Later After Creating Our Discord Server, We Began Collecting Airdrop Info. We Airdropped Over 70% Of The Supply To Over 6K Wallets. Thousands Got Between 100K To 1 Million $MOLA Each. We Also Airdropped $COPE 500k MOLA To The Top 1000.


When We Launched, Our Intention Was To Start Off As a Solana Meme Token. As We Were One Of The Early Solana Tokens There Were Only a Couple Of Dex Exchanges In The Game. We Wanted To Have Our Token Listed So It Would Been Easier For Our Community To Trade Without The Need To Add a Market. We Decided To Launch Lanadex For Our Community And ALL Trading Fees Earned Are To Be Used As $MOLA BuyBacks.


We Airdropped Most Of The Supply To Our Community But We Still Had Some Supply Left. The Supply Left Was Intended To Be Used For Staking. As We Crafted Our RoadMap 2.0, We Thought That We Could Burn Almost 20% Of The Max Supply And Maybe Try Yield-Farming. More Info On This Later This Year. On June 4, 2021, We BURNED 800 Million $MOLA. We Were Left Off With 4,200,069,000 Supply And Decreasing As $MOLA Is Constantly Being Burn From BuyBacks And Our Custom Tipbot Via web3.


Almost 1 Month After We Launched MoonLana, Released Our First NFT (MOLAMON). We This New NFT, We Were Able To Sell 1k MOLAMONS at $10 Each. Of Course Each NFT Came With Some Nice Perks Such As: 100K $MOLA, CHADMON Role On Discord, Ticket To Our Giveaway Of 250K $MOLA For 20 Winners And The Cool Looking NFT. MOLAMON Will Be Used To Stake And Earn MOLANIUM (Our Second NFT). MOLAMON Has a 2K Max Supply While MOLANIUM ONLY 100. We Might Add $MOLA Staking To Earn The Remaining MOLAMON.

MoonLana Tipbot

We Coded An Onchain Solana Tipbot From Scratch. Our Tipbot Is Able To Do Various Functionalities Such As Tip, Rain & Giveaway. We Have Been Having So Much Fun But Also Makes Rewarding Our Community More Effectively. We Have Given Support To Several Solana Tokens On Our Tipbot And More Will Come. Hit Us Up If You Want To Get Listed On Lanamon.
If You Want To Add Our Tipbot To Your Server Follow This LINK.

Raydium Pool

Thanks To Our Dedicated Community, We Were Able To Create a Permissionless Raydium Pool. People Can Now Easily Swap On Raydium Or If You Prefer The Traditional Way On Lanadex. There Is Plenty Of Liquidity For Buy And Sell Orders. 1 Day After We Launch Our Raydium Pool, We Were Able To List On Coingecko.

Solana Ecosystem

Better Late Than Never, We Are Now Part Of The Solana Ecosystem. We Decided To Apply At a Later Stage As We Wanted To Show Our Work First Then We Would Feel Worthy Of Being On The Ecosystem.

That Is It For Our Q2 2021 Recap. We Had So Much More But Decided To Only List The Highlights. Thanks To Everyone For Your Support. We Will Keep Working And Delivering. Is Summer So Let’s Also Enjoy Ourselves In This Beautiful Weather. Have Fun And Stay Tuned MOLAVENGERS.