Moonlana x Raydium Permissionless Pool

Moon Lana
Jun 17, 2021


The Pool Will Improve Liquidity So That Small Buys/Sells Could Not Be Able To Move The Market. Big Buys/Sells Will Be Able To Move It, But Not By a Big Margin.

Its Been Only 1 Month Since We Launched And Now We Have Raydium Permissionless Pool With Quite a Bit Of Liquidity. A Huge Thanks To The Community For All Of The Support So Far.

You Can Add Liquidity To Our Pool

Here You Can Access And Add Liquidity To The $MOLA Pool
Our AMM is: 8wQYmqVT7u7WvepU5giNNwbqyuYLeanfhmGmhtRjKFkL
Provide Liquidity To Our Pool To Receive Swap Trading Fees. To Provide Liquidity To Our Pool, You Need To Add 50% $MOLA And 50% USDC.

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